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Add A SMiLE To Your Day

Brian Wilson
Add A SMiLE To Your Day
That Lucky Old Sun (a Narrative)
Surfin' Safari 1962
Surfin' USA. 1963
Surfer Girl. 1963
Little Deuce Coupe 1963
Shut Down : Volume 2. 1964
All Summer Long. 1964
Beach Boys Concert. 1964
The Beach Boys Christmas Album. 1964
The Beach Boys Today. 1965
Summer Days (and Summer Nights!!) 1965
Beach Boys' Party! 1965
Pet Sounds 1966
A Special Christmas Message From Brian Wilson
From A Christmas Past
What I Really Want For Christmas
Legacy Links

Where It All Begins

Brian Wilson

This is a tale of the long road from there to here. At the same time as this site was begun, we began another one, that is our Nearest Faraway Place website, and it was while putting some of the basics on that site (laying down the backing tracks, as it were), that we realised that Brian Wilson was fast becoming the dominant presence, now this is fair enough, but The Nearest Faraway Place isn't just about Brian, nor is just about The Beach Boys, so......we felt that Brian should have his own space, as it were, to spread out, hence this, The Brian Wilson Legacy. It will be a companion site to The Nearest Far Away Place, and to a third website, The Beach Boys Legacy.The goal of this particular site is not, repeat not to dissect Brian Wilson's life, yet again, this has been done so many times, in fact too many times, in our opinion, Brian is now happy, and more importantly, he's recording and even more importantly, performing. What we are going to do is take a look at a few well chosen albums, both The Beach Boys and Brians body of solo work, this being said, Pet Sounds has already made in its presence known, so while we have a page here, dedicated to the aforesaid album, we have also created a couple of  mini-websites, so that we may go into greater detail about Pet Sounds and Smile, you may reach those sites here  and here or via a couple of links on the Pet Sounds Page.
That's about it, then....enough out of us, Let's listen to Brian shall we?
Love and Mercy.

Brian and His Ivor Award For Special  Achievements

All - Star Tribute To Brian Wilson DVD

his official website

Musical Note

Brian and Melinda Wilson
interviewed by Larry King on
August 20, 2004, inwhich Brian
talks about hisdepression and

an absolutely marvellous
website, with a really great,
and very complete discography
for both Brian Wilson's solo work
and The Beach Boys

almost everything you want to
know about the album

all the news  on the album,
and the forthcoming
vinyl version of SMiLE

Brian Wilson's
British record label


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