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Introduction and Befores
The Beach Boys Today
Pet Sounds: In Mono
Pet Sounds: Mono II
Pet Sounds: In Stereo!
The Pet Sounds Sessions
Pet Sounds Live
Pet Sounds Live II

Backwards to 1966


The Nature Of The Music

Pet Sounds photo session

"Pet Sounds was always intended to be a thought provoking experience, from the nature of its lyrics, its ground breaking instrumental blends and its radical place within the Beach Boys canon.  Brian Wilson purposefully set out to achieve such a new experience, and he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.  However, whilst it would remain a body of work which would deeply affect future generations of musicians and fans, its initial receptions would be substantially different to what Brian might have imagined."
With that quote from the book about the making of Pet Sounds, we welcome you to our mini-website, dedicated to, what many music publications and musicians call the greatest pop music album of the 20th Century,The Beach Boys masterpiece, Pet Sounds. We'll take a close look at it in all of its forms, the original vinyl, its releases on cd, and most especially the incredible 4 CD Box set, which contained everything, and is quite rightly called The Pet Sound Sessions. There is the aforementioned book, as well, quite literally a day by day account of the creation of the masterpiece, we'll be looking at that as well, but above all, as with the main Brian Wilson Legacy website, we'll look at the man who created Pet Sounds, and, indeed, the album that was the precursor to Pet Sounds, The Beach Boys Today, plus a quick look at what has been called the British equivalent of Pet Sounds, The Beatles album Rubber Soul, also we'll take a look at the album that took Pet Sounds as its inspiration, again by the Beatles,
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
Let's begin, shall we?

Pet Sounds. 1966

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"lost" Beach Boys album,
which was finally heard,
in February 2004,
performed by Brian Wilson,
at the Festival Hall
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